Nature Park

Just opposite to the Hill View Park is the Nature Park of Daringbadi. Spread over 04 hectares, this Eco Park is maintained by the Forest Department, Govt. of Odisha. This Nature Park is divided into separate zones like the Rose Garden, a Medicinal Plant Garden where you would find a statue of Maharishi Charak and various medicinal plants, the Butterfly Park, which is a rockery surrounded by dense forest and flowering plants. You would also find a replica of a Kutia Kondh tribal settlement and a Nature Interpretation 3D Hall. The whole park is dotted with sculptures of animals and information posters of the flora and fauna of Odisha.

Pine Forest

Just 03 kms towards the south of Daringbadi is a Pine Forest. Endless stretches of Pine Trees is spread on both sides of the road towards Baunigam. This Pine Tree Plantation was made in the early seventies by the Forest Department of Odisha.

Coffie Garden

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Dadubada Lovers Point

This place is guarded by dense lush green forests through which a river gushes over a rocky bed splashing against boulders. In the vicinity, you would find some natural cave formations too. This viewpoint falls on the way to Baliguda near a village called Kirikuti.

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